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Ian K. Smith

Super Shred

Super Shred is a "FAST-acting" Shred plan that uses four week-long cycles. "FAST" is an acronym for Foundation (4 meals, 3 snacks per day), Accelerate (speed up the weight loss), Shape (get your body back by keeping it guessing), Tenacious (cement improved eating habits and melt off stubborn pounds). SHRED never leaves you hungry. Use this system to lose weight, stay slender, and feel fantastic.

Shred Power Cleanse

The Shred Power Cleanse is Dr. Ian K. Smith's short-term, fast-acting cleanse. This two-week detox program helps one to reset and power through to eight loss. There are 50+ smothie recipes, fresh salads, detoxifying exercise regiments, and a weekend power tune-up bonus.

Shred Cookbook

In The Shred Diet Cookbook, Dr. Ian K. Smith answers questions regarding what one can eat while on the SHRED diet. The book includes Midday recipes, protein rich dinners, side dishes, snack preparations, carb recipes, Southern specialties, nutritional information and portioning. There are over 35 recipes for meals.


Using the plan outlined in Shred, dieters can lose the last twenty pounds of their desired weight loss goal. It is Dr. Ian K. Smith's strategic plan that includes a low GI diet, meal spacing, meal replacements. In Shred, Dr. Smith also introduces the concept of "diet confusion".


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