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Coconut Oil

Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut Oil is a dietary supplement that helps to lower cholesterol. It contains 62% MCTs - medium chain "good fats" the body uses to produce energy. It supplements physical activity, exercise and weight loss programs.

Nature Made CholestOff®

Nature Made CholestOff® can help lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by reducing the absorption of dietary cholesterol into the bloodstream. It is made with Reducol™, a proprietary blend of plant sterols and stanols (also called phytosterols). CholestOff® Plus is made with esterified sterols and stanols that have been clinically studied and show consistent cholesterol-lowering results.

The Bible Cure for High Cholesterol

In The Bible Cure For High Cholesterol, board certified family practitioner, Don Colbert, MD, gives clear and sound ways to improve cholesterol numbers.

Don Colbert, MD

The Daniel Detox:
21 Days to Revitalize Your Body and Spirit

Let Food Be Your Medicine:
Dietary Changes Proven to Prevent or Reverse Disease

Reversing Inflammation:
Prevent Disease, Slow Aging, and Super-Charge Your Weight Loss


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