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Eat This and Live!

Eat This and Live is a book on nutrition tips and food recommendations by Dr. Don Colbert, a Christian physician. Dr. Colbert teaches what the Bible says about food, with recommendations on what to eat and how much. Included are color charts and informational sidebars.

Eat This And Live For Kids

Eat This And Live For Kids is Dr. Colbert's road map for parents who want their kids to eat a healthy diet. The book adresses foods for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school aged children. Helpful tips include Dr. Colbert's approved foods, choices on a restaurant menu, nutrition information and more.

Let Food Be Your Medicine

In Let Food Be Your Medicine Dr. Colbert offers dietary changes using a modified Mediterranean diet. Learn what to eat and what not to ear in order to know how food choices affect diseases. Also included are meal plans, recipes, tips on supplements and more.

What Would Jesus Eat?

What Would Jesus Eat? gives the health benefits of the food that Jesus ate. Dr. Don Colbert shares the sensible approach to healthy eating laid out by Jesus Christ. Learn why foods forbidden in the Bible are unhealthy; Jesus' favorite foods, and more.

The Kit

Seven Pillars of Health Personal Health Improvement Kit

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