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The Bible Cure for Heart Disease

In The Bible Cure for Heart Disease, Dr. Don Colbert shares information that when applied helps one reverse and overcome heart disease. Information includes ways to reverse clogged arteries, key foods to avoid, vital foods to eat, antioxidants that are weapons against heart disease, how to prevent or lower high blood pressure.

The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure

In The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure, Dr. Colbert teaches readers how to reduce and prevent high blood pressure. He also shares biblical secrets on health as well as the latest medical research on bringing blood pressure under control and keeping it within healthy guidelines.

The Bible Cure for High Cholesterol

The Bible Cure for High Cholesterol offers a strategy for naturally gaining control of high cholesterol. Information includes cholesterol busting foods that can reduce cholesterol levels, powerful supplements that can restor health, what foods sabotage cholesterol health.

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